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SEO Services: The Organic Portion of an Effective SEM Strategy

Build it and they will come. That seems to be the philosophy of many website design companies. At Intine Technology & Marketing, we have a different point of view. We believe that beautiful designs with flashy features won't generate website traffic for you on their own. That's why we strive to get you prominence, and even dominance, on search engines.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the unique process of strategically improving the ranking of a web page with the goal of accomplishing high search engine results page (SERP) rankings for targeted keyword(s) or key phrase(s). The basic SEO framework consists of several best practices, including: keyword research, content development, web development, link building, diagnostics and analytics. In addition to these basic SEO best practices, there are several advanced SEO tactics that we use. These advanced SEO tactics include: user behavior analysis to determine user intent, the long tail of search, keyword mapping, natural language processing, advanced information architecture, anchor texts, advanced link building with link insight, competitive analysis, and local SEO.

We'll do much more than submit your website to search engines. Our approach to search engine friendly design techniques includes combining quality website design and keywords, rich content with carefully chosen meta tags and title tags, a spider friendly navigation architecture and a sophisticated link program. We know this multi-tiered strategy works. The proof is that many of our clients appear on page one of search engine results for their keywords. After recommendations are made, Intine Technology continues to collect data and analyze it to proactively observe any changes in search engine algorithms. Subsequent best practices and our ongoing recommendations are modified accordingly.

"What good is a website if nobody can find you?" Over 85% of all visitors come through search engines. Why not take advantage of the free exposure that search engines provide? Intine Technology has a dedicated marketing team that will handle all aspects of your marketing campaign, from optimization techniques to achieve "organic" rankings to complete setup and management of PPC marketing campaigns. Best of all, as a Google Professional Partner, we are allotted credits in which we can apply to our Clients first marketing program ranging from $50 to $100. Do not settle for less than the best - go with a trusted firm that can show you results!

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

Keyword Analysis:

Research which keywords and phrases will bring the most qualified traffic to your website.

Content Enhancement:

Improve your website's content so that it takes advantage of the relevant keywords of your business's services and/or products in the major spider–based search engines.

Search Engine Optimization:

Ensure that your website achieves prominent visibility within the search results of the most important search engines for each market.

Search Engine Submissions:

Submit the pages of your site so that they are included in the indexes of the major search engines and returned prominently when customers and qualified prospects query keywords that relate to your website's services and/or products.

Relevant Directory Submissions:

Submit key sections of your website to appear within the major online directories.

Site Optimization Tag Development:

Increase visibility by communicating information to search engines so they can more accurately identify the subject of each of the sections of Web site.

Website Competitive Intelligence:

Discover what your competitors are doing and how to position yourself against them.

Social Search Strategy and Optimization:

Capitalize on content that Internet users (consumers) contribute to the social networking websites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.).

Our team has helped hundreds of Clients achieve top rankings on the major search engines, both organically and via paid inclusion programs. We have experience in just about all industries - contact us directly if you would like to review your specific industry with our marketing experts.

If you are ready to move ahead and chart a whole new growth path for business through an impressive online representation, contact us today at 8298288381, for a no-obligation consultation, or click here for a Free Quote.

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We breathe imagination and innovation into your brand and never lose focus from the ultimate endgame, be it making money on the web or boosting your marketability. Please click the Free Quote button, to request a free estimate on your web design or development project, or call us at 8298288381.

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